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Flight Line Covers
Attract Private

In a world of increasing competition, FBOs need every advantage to succeed. Our aircraft canopies, available in a variety of colors, can be custom fitted with your logo that will be highly visible to a landing pilot. Offer your customers the best-an AmeriShade Airplane Cover-for their short stays.

Airplane Canopies

The USAF uses AmeriShade canopies to Protect Valuable Avionics from the Heat of a Blazing Sun

While the avionics package on a modern jet fighter can cost millions of dollars, they are sensitive to heat. Temperatures in a parked aircraft on a hot summer day frequently exceed 160F, damaging sensitive avionics and putting pilots at risk. Our uniquely designed aircraft canopy shields the cockpit from direct sunlight as well as harmful UV rays, hail stones, and falling snow. Our canopies are always custom engineered and built for maximum strength, long life, and low maintenance, but can be relocated at minimal cost if necessary.
      355th wing, largest logo in the United
States Air Force

Our Airplane Canopies Are Functional and Attractive

"With the experience gained at the Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona, we designed a totally new structure that requires less flight line space, can be easily disassembled and reassembled by facility personnel for relocation, and is less expensive than traditional structures. Our new aircraft cover designs are applicable in military and commercial environments, providing cooling shade and protection from violent weather at less than one third the cost of a traditional metal hangar. Custom Logos can be easily added to transform the shelters into a giant billboard visible to the flying community for miles around.

Get an Edge on the Competition!

Dress Up Your FBO with Shaded Parking, Covered Entryways , and Protected Walkways.

Review our Designs and Colors to see how our shade and rain canopies will improve the air and street appeal of your facility. Your FBO will be visible for miles to visiting pilots and your visitors will appreciate the first class treatment provided by Sheltered parking and protected access to your front door.

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