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Ask Us about our HailGuard 110 Netting if protection for the lowest cost is your primary goal

"100% hail protection can eliminate your insurance premiums" or "slash your premiums forever, with total hail protection"

We specialize in large, one-of-a-kind canopies designed for special situations.

Contact us about your potential project.

Hail Protection

Car Shelters, Inventory Protection, Agricultural Covers

Stop Hail Losses

Hail is a pain, but it's also an unavoidable part of life if you live in the Hail Belt.

All the way from Alberta, Canada, south to west Texas, hundreds (maybe thousands) of hailstorms develop each year. There is no other place in North America with more numerous or more severe hailstorms.

Since hail occurs only briefly (typically, just a few minutes per year even at the most hail prone locations) and tends to be very localized, many storms go undetected by the "official" weather stations.

Car Dealers tremble when the skies turn dark

A single Hail Storm can cause millions of dollars in damages to an inventory of vehicles, wiping out a year's profits over night.

Our custom built car shelters are engineered to withstand 90 mph winds and hailstones the size of baseballs. Installing our hail protection for your new and used car inventory will protect your profits and lower your insurance premiums.

See CNN footage of a hail-storm with baseball-size hail!

 Video: Hail pounds Wisconsin.

Improve your profits by installing Auto
Canopies over your Automobile Inventory

Our Shade Canopies have no "gaps" in coverage
and provide 100% Protection against damaging Hail Strikes

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